Is the Arlo App Not Working for You?

Arlo Secure app provides one of the most user-friendly interfaces to control home security through security cameras and video doorbells. The best thing about the app is that it lets you manage your Arlo device from any location. Thus, no matter whether the user owns a security camera, Base Station, or a video doorbell brought in by Arlo, he/she must download Arlo app to personalize the home security. However, it has been reported that users often face Arlo login problems with the app due to its non-working status. If you’re also one of them, the information given here can help you.

Arlo App Not Working for You

Solutions: Arlo App for Android Not Working

Mentioned below are the solutions that can help you resolve the non-working status of the Arlo mobile application on an Android device. However, the same solutions also apply to iPhones. Thus, walk through them carefully if you use the Arlo Secure application on an iOS device.

Upgrade the App

At times, due to a pending update, the app does not work properly. The same thing might have happened with the app that you are using to manage the security camera. Therefore, we suggest you make your way to the Google Play Store and install the latest stable version of the app. FYI, iPhone users need to navigate to the Apple App Store to upgrade the app.

Clear the Cache

The cache can be considered a utility that stores temporary files to cut down the loading time of the app. The Arlo secure app also saves the information as cache data. However, caching takes additional storage on your mobile phone which slows down the app. Thus, the app cache can be a prominent reason behind the Arlo app not working problem. To fix it, you must delete the app’s cache via settings.

Although clearing the app’s cache and upgrading it to the latest stable version will help you resolve the problem, in case you are still in the same mess, you need to uninstall the app. However, do not forget to download Arlo app after that. Furthermore, be very sure that the app’s version is compatible with the software version on which your mobile is running.

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How to Log in to Arlo Camera Using App?

As you’ve downloaded the app again, you can now start managing your security camera with its help. However, all this requires you to complete the login process first. Highlighted here are the steps that you need to follow if you don’t know the steps to log in to your camera using the mobile application:

  • Launch the Arlo Secure mobile application.
  • You will see a login screen asking for the Arlo account Username and Password.
  • Fill in the required info and tap the Log In option.
  • The dashboard of the app will show up on your mobile screen.
  • Now, select the Devices option.
  • Choose the security camera model you have.
  • Manage the settings of your camera the way you want.

In this way, you can log in to the Arlo app for Android or iPhone. On the off-chance, you do not have an Arlo account, you can create one by tapping the option labeled “New to Arlo”. Fill in the email ID and create the password and you’re done.

Arlo-Camera Using App

Can’t Log in to Arlo App?

Many users complain that they are unable to log in to their security cameras using the mobile application. If you are also one of them, paying attention to this section may help you. Here’s what you must do now:

Re-enter the Login Details

There is a possibility that you’ve entered an incorrect username or password during the first time entrée. Thus, re-enter them and see if you can log in to the Arlo Secure app now. While entering the login details, you must remember that they are case-sensitive. It means no unnecessary capitalization of letters.

Force Stop the App

Whenever an app misbehaves; force-stopping it and using it after some time is recommended. Doing so kills the currently running instance of the app and it will no longer try to access any of its cached data. Therefore, we suggest you force-stop the Arlo secure app on your phone and use it after a gap of 10 minutes.

If you still cannot log in to the Arlo application, you should look forward to updating the app to the latest version or reinstalling it. You also have the option of using a web browser to log in to the security camera and manage it.

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