Arlo Camera Night Vision Not Working [Simple Solutions]

Arlo cameras are known for offering wonderful security features to their users. One such feature is Night Vision which lets the camera record at night when lighting is poor. However, many users have reported about the Arlo camera Night Vision not working on their security camera. As a result, they cannot have a clear view of night recordings. Is this feature also not working on your camera? If yes, then walking through this post will surely help you out. Here, you will become familiar with the reasons along with the correct workaround to get the issue fixed.

Firstly, Check If Arlo Night Vision is Enabled

Before you head over to learn anything, be certain that the Night Vision feature is enabled on your security camera. There are times when the user forgets to enable the feature. Here are the steps that you need to check the status of the feature using the Arlo app for Android.

  • Unlock your Android and launch the Arlo Secure app.
  • Tap the Devices option and select the camera model you own.
  • Now, select the Gear icon (Settings).
  • Tap the Night Vision option.
  • Toggle the switch to the On position if it is Off.
  • Consider selecting Black and White or Color in case your camera is Color Night Vision capable.

This is how you can enable the Night Vision feature on your camera with the help of the Arlo Secure app on an Android device. However, the steps to execute the process on an iPhone are the same.

Know that the aforementioned steps apply to the Arlo Secure app experience with Feed. If the recorded videos get saved in the Arlo app library, you need to follow the path given below after launching the app:

Tap Settings > My Devices > Camera > Video Settings > Low Light Settings > Night Vision.

[Fixed] Arlo Camera Night Vision Not Working

You reading this section is a sign that the Night Vision feature is not working on your security camera even after enabling it properly. Therefore, we suggest you try your hands on the techniques mentioned below:

Check for Reflective Surfaces Near the Camera

The Night Vision feature on your camera might not be working because of the presence of reflective surfaces near it. This is to inform you that the Night Vision feature utilized infrared waves. If your camera is placed near reflective surfaces like windows or exposed metal, the infrared rays will get reflected. As a result, the Night Vision feature turns on and off repeatedly thereby causing the camera to click again and again. Therefore, you are required to relocate the camera and ensure that it is not pointing toward reflective surfaces. Otherwise, enabling Arlo camera Night Vision will be of no use.

Do Not Point the Camera Towards Another One

If the Night Vision feature is enabled on your security camera, it picks up infrared light from the source. In case your security camera is pointed towards another camera that has the same feature enabled, it will also take infrared light from different sources and chaos might occur. In simple words, the poor image quality will be there. To get the problem fixed, it is advised that you do not point your camera towards another one or disable the same feature on the latter. Apart from this, ensure that your camera is not surrounded by other devices having infrared LEDs.

Quick Tip

Moving the security camera in and out of the light area can also help you troubleshoot the issue. Doing so will allow your security camera to readjust itself to the lighting conditions. Therefore, you should definitely try this troubleshooting technique.

Final Thoughts

Now, it is time to put a full stop to the post that highlighted the simple tips to follow if the Arlo camera Night Vision feature is not working. We are hopeful that you will be able to fix the problem with the help of the techniques mentioned here. However, if you own an Arlo Baby camera, then know that its infrared LEDs are much dimmer than other cameras to prevent your baby’s distraction from sleep. So, they are almost invisible but still perform excellently in low light. You can follow the tips shared above if the Night Vision feature is not working on your Baby camera.


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