Arlo Camera Blinking Orange – Diagnosing and Resolving

By checking the color flashed by the LED light of the Arlo security camera, one can tell whether the device is working perfectly or not. Therefore, you can simply conclude that the LED light of the camera determines its working status during and after the Arlo camera setup process. It flashes various colors on various occasions. For example, the solid blue color on the camera’s LED indicates that it is connected to power. However, the slow and fast blinking blue color signifies the status of the connection between the security camera and the home WiFi network. But, there is one more color that is flashed by the camera i.e. orange. Is your Arlo camera blinking orange? If yes, then tell us if the appearance of the orange color is too frequent or if it shows up after some time.

Well, your camera tries to convey various messages by blinking orange. Let’s be very true. Actually, the camera flashes the amber color which is mistaken as orange. Perhaps, you are also considering the same. But, whatever it is, you are supposed to get complete knowledge about it and troubleshoot the situation.

Arlo Camera Blinking Orange [Diagnosing]

Before everything else, we would like you to verify whether the situation you are currently in is an issue or not. And if it is, you will be able to get the problem fixed more effectively if you are familiar with the reasons causing it.

For your information, the camera blinks orange in three different states – slow, fast, and blue plus orange alternatively. The SLOW BLINKING ORANGE COLOR on the LED light of your wireless security camera is a sign that your SECURITY CAMERA ISN’T DISCOVERED by the main home network. Perhaps, a weak internet connection is there. Placement issues can also bring the issue in discussion. Now, let us move ahead and learn with the help of the following table when the Arlo camera blinking orange situation shows up and in which scenarios do you notice the orange and blue color alternatively.

S. No. Arlo Camera LED Status Description Reason
1 Fast blinking orange The sync between the Arlo security camera and the Base Station has failed You might have taken a lot of time to complete the Synchronization process
2 Alternate blue and orange Your camera’s firmware is getting updated The firmware file is being uploaded and installed

We believe that after walking through the information given in the above table, you might have understood that the camera flashes the orange color in three different situations. Taking into account the same fact, we are now entering the second stage of the process which involves the implementation of a few troubleshooting tips. Some of them might demand you to make use of the Arlo setup app. Thus, be prepared to access the same.

Arlo Camera Blinking Orange [Solutions]

Before you initiate the troubleshooting process, be very sure that the battery of your security camera is properly charged. Otherwise, it will shut down randomly after flashing orange.

  • Bring the Camera Closer to Gateway: Your camera needs to be present near the host gateway (router/ Arlo SmartHub). The reason being the host gateway will serve as the internet source for the camera. If the distance between both devices is too much, they won’t be able to communicate properly. Thus, install your camera at a location where it receives maximum signals from the host gateway. Do not forget the fact that Arlo cameras run on the 2.4GHz frequency band.
  • Sync Your Devices Again: The time to re-sync the devices has come. Yes, if your Arlo security camera blinks orange fast, then you are supposed to sync it with the Base Station or SmartHub once again. You can do this by pressing the SYNC button on both devices. Be very sure that you push the button on both devices within a specific time frame. Just in case you are using a WiFi router as the host device, you only need to take care of the frequency band.
  • Wait for the Update to Finish: If your security camera is blinking blue and orange alternatively, then it is a clear sign that the firmware is being and you must not interrupt it. However, if you notice that the camera is blinking orange and blue for a period longer than usual, check the internet connection and verify if the web browser or app version is updated or not. Know that the process fails if any of the aforementioned conditions is not fulfilled and there are chances that the camera will brick. In that case, you will be left with no option other than resetting the camera and performing setup using Arlo secure login details once again.

Everything Considered

From the above discussion, it can be said that the Arlo camera blinking orange situation shows up when there is a connection-related issue or the firmware is not getting updated. You also learned how such problems can be resolved. With that being said, we are expecting that you have successfully fixed the problem.

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