Arlo Camera Placement Tips You Should Not Miss!

Most people prefer investing in Arlo security cameras in their homes as they are the best available cameras these days. After or during Arlo setup, you need to place the camera at a location that you want to monitor closely. Some people place the cameras at the main doors while others place them at various parts of the home like rooms, terraces etc. This guide will help you provide the best Arlo camera placement tips that you must refer to while deciding where to place your security camera.

Best Arlo Camera Placement Tips

1. Choose an Open Place

Make sure that there are no objects like walls, trees, etc. that are blocking the camera view. Any such object must not be placed within 2.5 inches in front or on the sides of the Arlo security camera. Such obstacles can stop the camera view and cause hazy videos, particularly night vision. So choose an open palce with no obstructions around for better view.

2. Place it Higher

The Arlo security camera should be placed higher at an elevated position for a better view. Ideally, the camera should be placed at least 2 meters high from the ground level. While you are placing it higher, ensure to position it downwards slightly so that you can get better coverage from it.

3. Avoid Hindrances

See to it that the Arlo camera is not aimed in such a way that it is looking through the glass or mirrors. For instance, if you have placed it near the window then it will have to see through the window glass. You need to avoid this. The camera motion sensor degrades in performance thereby giving poor video feeds.

4. Check the Distance from the Base Station

You need to have your camera placed close enough to the Base station if you are using one along with the camera. The maximum distance separating these two devices should be 90 meters. More than this distance can make it difficult for the devices to communicate. You won’t want that to happen. Right?

5. Consider WiFi Router Location

Another Arlo camera placement tip is to take care of the main router’s location. While you are placing your Arlo camera, you need to consider the location of the WiFi access point in your home. Why because the camera needs an internet connection to operate. So, you need to place it closer or simply within the router’s network range. The Arlo camera should be receiving stable WiFi signals so that it can perform well.

6. Position Camera at Target/Active Areas

Keep the area into consideration that you want to monitor using your Aro camera. The camera’s field of view should exactly be the area that you want to have a look at the whole time. For example, if you want to check who is at the main door, then the camera must be placed and positioned in such a way that you get a clear view of the person at the main door. You should place the camera and then check its view angle. Once you are sure about the correct position, angle, and placement, then only finalize the location.

7. Point the Camera Only on Important Areas

You should know that the camera’s motion detection feature works when it senses a motion in its view. In case you have placed the camera in such a way that it senses motion throughout the day, like on a busy street, then its AI will be activated each time a motion happens. You should avoid this. The battery drains this way. So, position the camera only at the important areas.

To Briefly Conclude

This informative post is meant to provide you with information on how to choose the best location for your Arlo camera using the best Arlo camera placement tips highlighted here. We hope to take all the above given points into consideration, you have now chosen the place where you want your camera to be placed.

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