Arlo Base Station Blinking Orange. What’s the Solution?

Arlo has myriad devices in its library that aim to make an individual’s life better. The doorbell helps the person to know about and talk to visitors whereas cameras brought in by Arlo are known for taking care of the happenings inside and around the establishment. But, both these devices require an internet connection to work that is provided by an Arlo base station. The base station connects directly to the router and is then synced with the doorbell or camera. These days, various users are complaining about the Arlo base station blinking orange.

Due to this very situation, they are not able to add the camera to the app after completing the Arlo login process. Some of them aren’t even able to log in. What’s the relation between the orange light on the base station and the ability to add the camera? We will try to make you understand the same through this blog. Keep reading.

General Information

This is to inform you that the Arlo base station blinks amber in real. Some users interpret amber as orange and end up concluding that their device is blinking orange. Therefore, if you find that the solution is provided with respect to amber light, do not get muddled up. The hacks mentioned in this write-up apply to the orange as well as amber light.

Messages Conveyed When Arlo Base Station Blinks Orange

1. Single-LED Base Station

S. No. Color Message
1 Solid amber Something is wrong with the connection
2 Blinking amber Camera not found/ out of range
3 Alternating blue and amber Firmware update/ reset is in progress

2. Multi-LED Base Station

S. No. LED Color Message
1 Power Blinking amber Base station is booting up
2 Internet Blinking amber No internet connection
3 Camera Blinking amber Camera is too far from the base station

So, these were the various messages conveyed by an Arlo base station when it blinks or stays orange. No matter whether you own a single LED base station or have installed one with multiple LEDs, it is recommended that you walk through the next section to know what else can be followed to make things normal.

Fixed: Arlo Base Station Blinking Orange

1. Connect Base Station to Router Properly

Since no internet connection was the first message conveyed when the LED light on an Arlo base station or SmartHub blinks amber/orange, we suggest you check its connection with the router. It has already been informed that the base station shares an Ethernet connection with the router.

Thus, to ensure a proper connection between them, check the physical condition of the Ethernet cable. The cable is supposed to be free of damage and must be connected firmly to the ports of the router and base station. Be sure that you use a compatible Ethernet cable with the latest technology. Otherwise, you won’t be able to complete the Arlo setup for the camera as it won’t get detected due to a poor internet connection.

2. Let the Base Station Boot Up

This point applies to base stations having multiple LED lights. You know that when the Power LED on the Arlo base station blinks amber/orange, it means the device is booting up. You are suggested to wait until the LED doesn’t turn green. Just in case the Arlo base station blinking orange situation stays for a longer period, you need to check the power being supplied to it. There should be no fluctuation in power.

Try to Ping the Router!

There are instances when the base station blinks orange due to a problem from the end of the ISP. To check if this is the situation or not, you need to ping your router on a computer. Just hardwire the computer and router and type the IP address of the latter followed by the ping command in the Command Prompt. In case of no results, get in touch with your ISP to fix internet-related things.

3. Bring the Camera Closer to Base Station

If you are trying to install a wireless camera by connecting it to an Arlo base station/SmartHub, you need to be very sure that both devices are present in each other’s range. In addition to that, you must be sure that the camera is connected to the 2.4 GHz frequency band and so does the mobile phone on which you are using the Arlo app. This point plays a major role if you want to successfully connect Arlo base station and camera for the setup process.

In a Nutshell

When the Arlo base station blinking orange/amber situation shows up, it clearly means that there is an internet connection error or the device is being powered up. After letting the base station boot and fixing the internet connection, the problem will be resolved.

As far as we talk about the base station blinking orange when the firmware update or the reset process is in progress, you must wait and let it get completed. The moment your base station boots up, you will notice green lights on it.

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