Why Can’t My Arlo Go 2 Connect to LTE?

Arlo Go 2 security cameras can be connected to LTE or WiFi. To connect to LTE, the camera requires an activated SIM card. You can use this portable Arlo camera at any location depending on your requirements. But you should have internet signals to use the camera.

Are you getting troubled since the Arlo security camera is not getting connected to LTE? Do you see Arlo camera flashing orange light? This means it is not connected to the internet.

Have You Tried Moving to a Better Signal Coverage Area?

Did you try moving your Arlo Go 2 camera to a place that has better network signals? Try different locations and ensure to move the camera at a place that has at least three bars of mobile signal strength. Has this resolved the issue? No? Keep reading ahead.

Arlo Go 2 Can’t Connect to LTE: Fixed!

You can connect your Arlo camera to the mobile network when there’s a poor or no WiFi connection. If you are facing issues while connecting to LTE then you should try the fixes presented ahead.

Try This First!!

Before you head to the troubleshooting part, we suggest you check two points:

Is there a SIM Card Inserted?

The Arlo Go 2 camera needs a SIM card to work if you are connecting it to an LTE network. Check that you’ve inserted a SIM card in its slot. Perhaps you are using it without a SIM Card.

Did you Try Connecting to WiFi?

Try connecting your Arlo camera to a WiFi connection in your home. This is all to ensure that the camera works fine with other networks and has issues connecting only to LTE. Connect to the WiFi router and see if you can check live streams from the camera or not.

If it works fine using WiFi then you should give a shot at the fixes given next. In case the camera does not work even using WiFi then directly skip to the last fix from the list.

Let’s Troubleshoot LTE and Arlo Connection

Use a Valid SIM Card

Since the Arlo Go 2 camera needs a SIM card to operate using LTE, you must ensure that the SIM card that you have used is valid. If you are using a damaged card or if the card is not activated, then you’ll have trouble getting an internet connection from it.

Activate the card right away if the validity date is expired or if it is not yet activated.

Use Different SIM Cards

Try using any other SIM card and check if the camera works well using the other card. It could be card specific issue that can be easily resolved by using an alternative activated SIM card.

Get a Data Plan

Maybe the SIM card that you’ve used in the Arlo camera has no data plan left. We suggest you get a data plan now so that your camera can connect to the internet.

Insert SIM Card Properly

Have you inserted the SIM card correctly into the right slot on the camera? Maybe not, which is why the camera can’t connect to LTE. We suggest you take out the SIM card from its slot and then reinsert it properly. Make certain that it is well in its place.

Reboot Arlo Go 2 Camera

Try rebooting your Arlo camera now. This helps eliminate any technical glitches. Use the steps given below:

  • Push the button on the magnetic charging port on the Arlo Go 2 camera. This releases the camera from its housing.
  • Pull it out and remove it from the housing.
  • Next, take out its battery carefully.
  • Remove the SIM card as well.
  • Wait for some time now.
  • Reinsert the activated SIM Card correctly into the right slot. Simply push the SIM Card inside till you hear the click sound.
  • Insert the battery back into its compartment.
  • Finally, slide back the camera into its housing.

Soon after the camera is turned on, see if it connects to LTE or not.

Reset the Camera

If you struggle to connect the camera to LTE even after trying all the fixes provided above, then reset the camera to the default settings. It’s the incorrect setup process that’s causing the connection issues. Put to use the Sync button on the camera and reset it. Press and hold the button for about 15 seconds and restore the default factory settings on it.

The Closing Note

Right after you’ve reset the camera, you will need to set it up from scratch. Use the Arlo secure app or web interface to complete the setup. Carry out the setup process and you are good to go. You will no longer have trouble connecting the Arlo Go 2 camera to LTE now.

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