Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera Won’t Charge: The Ultimate Fix?

Most Arlo security cameras run on batteries that need to be charged regularly. Are you getting frustrated since the Essential Spotlight camera won’t charge? You have landed on the correct post that highlights the ultimate fix to get rid of the charging problem with the Arlo security camera.

There can be several reasons that the camera batteries are not charging up. So, we have also covered other troubleshooting steps that work well when it comes to camera battery related issues. Let’s begin now and eliminate the obstacle that’s stopping you from doing what you intend to do.

Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera Batteries Won’t Charge: Fixed!!

Recently we’ve helped an Arlo user with a similar trouble. According to him, the battery status showed at 9% and the Arlo app did not show the charging icon. Only the red outline appeared. While the camera is put to charging, the blue light stayed on. We’ve assisted the user and it worked well. The next sections will help you run through the troubleshooting steps that were followed to resolve the issue. We suggest you try the same to get the camera batteries charged.

But before anything else, let’s tell you the different Battery icons and their meanings. You can log in to the Arlo camera on the Arlo app or web interface and check the battery status. The table will help you understand the battery status of your Arlo camera.

Arlo Camera Battery Icon Meaning
The camera battery is full
The battery is full and is plugged in
Plugged in and charging in progress
The camera battery is not charging.

Now, check the battery icon on the Arlo app or web interface and understand the battery status. If it is the last one then use the solutions provided ahead:

1. Use the Same Charging Cable

Be very sure that the charging cable that you are using to charge the camera batteries is the same micro USB cable that was included in the package. Avoid using any other cable as it may not work as intended. However, if you’ve any other Arlo camera installed in your home, try using its USB cable to charge the Arlo Essential Spotlight camera.

2. Use Correct AC Power Adapter

The charging cable is connected to a power adapter to charge the camera. The adapter is plugged into a wall outlet. Make sure that you’re putting to use the right adapter that came along with the camera. It should have an output of at least 1.0 A. Use the right cable to avoid facing any issues while charging your camera.

Apart from this, check the condition of the adapter. It mustn’t be damaged or loose.

3. Use Alternative Power Outlet

Try plugging in the power adapter of the Arlo camera into an alternative wall outlet for the current one may be damaged or not working properly. Using a different outlet may help you out.

The Ultimate Fix for Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera Battery Issue

Although the above discussed solutions will help you out when you are unable to charge your Arlo camera, let us tell you what worked for our user in the discussion. It seems the Arlo app was not showing the battery status correctly. This is what has helped:

Remove and Add Arlo Camera from App

Log in to the Arlo app and delete the Arlo Essential Spotlight camera from the Arlo account. After that, reboot the camera. This helps in pushing any firmware updates that are pending. Once the camera boots up completely perform the Arlo camera setup and add it to the Arlo account once again.

This process worked like a wonder. The camera batteries began showing to 100%.

Let’s Sum it Up

If the Arlo essential Spotlight camera is not charging up then you can use the fixes presented in this post. Here, we have provided you with information regarding different battery icons meaning. We suggested you using the correct USB cable and power adapter to charge the camera. We also recommended using a different power outlet to charge Arlo batteries. Finally, the ultimate fix is covered which is to re add the Arlo camera to the Arlo account after removing it.

We are anticipating that your Arlo security camera batteries are charging up properly and the Arlo camera is now working as intended.

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