My Arlo VMB4000R3 Won’t Format USB Drive. What to Do?

The number of users owning Arlo devices is constantly increasing and so do their happy experiences. But, it does not mean that users don’t face any issues while using Arlo devices. Recently, a user owning an Arlo VMB4000R3 base station complained that he was unable to format his USB drive with its help. He stated that he was not facing the problem before updating the camera firmware. He just got the notification for a firmware update on the Arlo app and updated the firmware. But, his inability to format the USB drive forced him to think if there was a problem with a firmware update. He asked for potential solutions to the problem.

Studying the Case

Although the problem emerged after updating the base station’s firmware, still we cannot blame it completely. There are chances that the user did not update the firmware properly. Maybe the USB port of the base station is damaged. There is also a chance that the USB itself is corrupted. Technical glitches with the base station can also stop the user from formatting the USB.

Multiple reasons can be there due to which the USB can’t be formatted via the Arlo VMB4000R3 base station. Now, let’s find out what can be done in this scenario.

Solutions: Arlo VMB4000R3 Won’t Format USB Drive

Try Another USB Port

Since the damaged USB port was the number 1 reason why the USB was not getting formatted, you are suggested to make use of another port. Now, check whether you can format the USB drive or not. In case you are still failing, then it is recommended that you move to another hack.

A Quick Tip

Try to format another USB using your base station. It is because you are attempting to format a corrupted USB drive. If you are successful, then it is clear that the problem is with the USB drive, not the base station. If you fail, then your base station requires more troubleshooting.

Restart the Base Station

Restarting the base station can also help you achieve success in formatting the USB drive. Wondering why and how? Well, the straightforward answer to your question is technical glitches. Technical glitches possess the power to interrupt a lot of services including the Arlo VMB4000R3 base station or camera management through the Arlo setup portal. Thus, you should restart your base station without any hesitation. It will kick off technical glitches.

Try to Format USB Drive Using PC

You can also take the aid of a Windows PC to format the USB drive that your Arlo base station is unable to. All you have to do is connect your USB drive to the PC and look for the connected devices. As soon as the USB shows up, you are suggested to right-click on it and select the Format option. Confirm your selection and format the USB drive. Any luck this time? If not, move to the upcoming section.

Try This!

There is a chance that your computer isn’t connected to the network that your base station is connected to. Remember that if this is not so, then you won’t be able to recognize the USB on the computer through the base station panel. Therefore, you are suggested to use the same network on the computer as well as the base station.

Update the Firmware Again

Lastly, we’ve reached a situation where we can conclude that you might have not updated the firmware of the base station properly. In this scenario, you are left with no option other than updating the firmware again. So, what are you waiting for? Connect your computer to the network that your base station is accessing and visit Complete the Arlo login process using the valid ID and password. Select the Arlo VMB4000R3 base station from the list of devices. After that, locate the Firmware update option and click it. Upload the firmware file and follow the on-screen prompts.

Note: As soon as you upload the base station firmware file, you need to ensure that the process is not interrupted. Interruptions include connectivity problems, powering down the base station, or playing games amidst the process.

To Sum Up

There can be various reasons why the user cannot format USB drive through the base station. Here, we used the Arlo VMB4000R3 base station for reference. All the troubleshooting techniques mentioned here can be used for other base station models too.

This blog highlighted all the major reasons that can create problems. We also provided you with reliable solutions. Now, we are expecting that you will be able to address the problem effectively.

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